Jul. 26th, 2014

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Has it truly been 7 years since I last posted here? Oh my stars! Well,  I have been longing to start journaling again and now seems as good a time as any.

I'm not even sure where to begin, so much has happened since my last entry. Let's see, my last entry I had reached my pre-Michael weight. Well, I have gained it all back, but in the past 5 years there have been extenuating circumstances!

In a quick overview,I am still a voracious reader, I am still Pagan, I have lost some friends and made some new ones. I still love Ren Faires and still adore my Faire Family.

As for a bit of catching up, I just passed my 25 year anniversary at Steinberg Diagnostic. I now work at the admin building near Summerlin.  I live in an apartment a 5 minute drive from work or a half hour walk. My car died a year ago and thanks to some dear friends, I get rides to and from work now that it is the dead of summer. The rest of the year, I walk!

I'm still single, happily so, but have not closed the door to the possibility of love. I have a beautiful cat named Shade who was given to me by my Ent for my 50th birthday. Later that year, quite by accident (I suffered a bad fall), I discovered I had ovarian cancer. I had a hysterectomy, 4 rounds of intense chemo, lost all my hair and survived! I am so grateful for everything I have gone through and am now going through.

It's not easy, but it is so very worth it. Re-reading my journal from the beginning, I see over the past several years, that I am repeating behaviors and thought patterns. Just when I think I am moving forward, I find I have taken a couple of steps  back. Still, I am making progress.

Now, that's enough for now. I have too many thoughts chasing around my mind and need to calm down and try to sort them out

Overall, life is good and I am happy, but of course I can always make it better. That is part of the reason for picking up journaling again! I am ready to make forward progress again!

Keep Moving Forward!


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