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"I'm no longer afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my own ship." Louisa May Alcott

I was in California last weekend for a play party with some of my favourite internet friends. It was so good to see them and have the opportunity to visit dance and ...erm...PLAY! I got to see my "cuz" Crowe and my "Uncle" David. We had a great time. (And I didn't put on any weight! Huzzah! Of course with all the walking and dancing and playing....*giggles*) Oh and I was able to spend some time with this lovely man I met at my first Shadow Lane Play party a year ago. I did not have the opportinuty to play with him then, but I had two lovely sessions with him last weekend.

We took boat rides in Channel Island Harbor(We stayed at an older hotel in Oxnard which was on a penninsula and it was just lovely!) I enjoyed the first boat ride so much I went on another one! How I miss the ocean. How I miss California! The wing of the hotel I stayed at, had no elevators, so I climbed up and down stairs several times a day. Imagine my delight when I felt no pain in my knees for the first time in more years than I care to count. While I could hear my knees(ew!), I had no problem with the stairs at all...and I fast danced a lot at the dinner dance Saturday night and could have danced til morning had the band played that long! *LOL* Anywho, after a wonderfully relaxing and thoroughly enjoyabe weekend, I arrived home Sunday afternoon. I had a long, but not horrible week at work and now I am! *LOL*

I have been so focused on my Health goal, the time is just flying by at an incredible pace! I have lost another 3 pounds, which means I may meet my birthday goal of 15 pounds gone! I feel great and people are starting to notice I am losing a wee bit of weight. That just tickles me to death! I have danced every day except for 4 days when I was out of town, and the difference in my overall sense of well being is fantastic.

I have lost enough weight that I can buy off the rack at Wal-Mart. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I bought a blouse for $12.98 at Wal-Mart that would have cost me $50.00( or more) at the store I normally have to go to for clothes. I actually could afford three new blouses for my weekend in California! I very rarely buy myself new clothes because they are so bloody expensive! Huzzah for me!! *LOL*

While I am thrilled with how well I am progressing with my health goal, I have been so very tightly focused on it that I have been neglecting my other two goals. Actually, my financial work is easing forward and I really have no complaints on that score. However, my focus has totally been off my spiritual goal and I REALLY need to rearrange my schedule/ time so that I can devote a couple of hours a day at least to what I promised myself I would do to help myself develop spiritually.

Despite my inattentiveness, The Goddess has been watching out for me! Even though I have not devoted as much time as I feel I should in developing my relationship with her, I am always so grateful for all the blessings in my life! I know without a shadow of a doubt that her hand is in all I now am and am working on becoming this year. She continues to surprise and delight me with her presence in my life.

So starting this weekend, I am going to set aside 30 minutes a day to read, study, meditate, and talk with the Goddess. I have learned through my experiences with my health goals, that baby steps are much more effective and more likely to be followed than setting huge tasks for myself and letting myself down. I will work up to a couple of hours as I ease the 30minutes a day into being as natural as breathing.

On my SP site, I have a personal page and I have written a pledge to myself on that page, that covers all my goals:

I, AmethystStar Pledge to do my best to work towards successfully meeting my goals this year.

I pledge to be kind to myself, to love, and encourage myself. To have a sense of humour and to pick myself up when I fall, without castigating, berating, or hating myself.

I pledge to surround myself with people who are positive and upbeat; who will love me and encourage me. I will be there for them as well, to love, encourage and cheer them on as they strive to meet their own goals.

I pledge to set mini goals for myself so that I am not overwhelmed, and I will celebrate every success and learn from ever mis-step.

I will find the joy in every day! I will go through my day with an attitude of gratitude for ALL that the blessings that I have in my life.

I move forward. I am going to work on a Vision Board for myself. On it I will place pictures, words and ideas of the things that I want in my life. I will concentrate on it each day, to draw the positive into my life. (One would think I had taken the opportunity to watch "The Secret." One would be right! *grinssss*)

I went to the library today and checked out some marvelous books to explore. Being Saturday night, my Brit coms are on PBS and I have a novel to finish in a trilogy written by Nora Roberts. It is wonderful and I will HAVE to buy it when I can.

Now it is time to think about supper and see who of my friends are online to chat with tonight. I have my live 365 radio on listening to the oh so relaxing New age station Gentle sounds and I am in such a blissful place.

Bright Blessings on this beautiful Saturday evening and be sure to do at least one thing that brings you joy this weekend.



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