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Happy International Women’s Day!

It is absolutely gorgeous this morning. The sun is softly shining, the birds are singing back and forth, there is a softness to the air (if that makes any sense). I am so full of gratitude this morning, my heart is fairly bursting with it! I have missed this feeling so much!

If you practice manifesting, LOA, positive thinking or just want to feel really good, there is a wonderful artist I was lead to through a Facebook group. Her name is Karen Drucker and she has written so many uplifting, positive, affirmative songs. These are songs that stick in your head and help keep you focused on the positive blessings in your life! My favorites so far are: “I Start My Day” (with Love, Peace, Joy), “Prosperity Chant,” “I’m so Grateful,”  “I’m so Blessed,” and “Money is Coming to Me.” It doesn’t matter if you believe in God/ Goddess/Universe/Higher Power, these songs will lift you up to a higher sense of being and it is such a wonderful place to be! You can find her on YouTube. I start everyday listen to “I Start My Day,” and “I’m so Grateful.” It sets the tone for my day, no matter what frame of mind I am, and helps me to stay focused on the good.

I feel like I can breathe freely and deeply again. I feel a lightness of being I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m finally in a place where I can commit to some of my daily practices I have not had the heart or desire to do. I’ll start slowly at first with one or two and work my way up to my full daily rituals. I have missed them dreadfully and can’t wait to integrate them back into my life.

Today is jammie day. A day to do some reading, watch some saved TCM movies, have my lunch outside again, maybe cuddle with Lil Bit and watch a movie of her choice… a day to just be.

Blessings for a relaxing, rejuvenating, renewing day!


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