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I just had a nice, long, hot shower...envisioning all my frustration, anger, negativity, and other ugly stuff going down the drain. For the most part this has been a great week! I'm finally adjusting to this dreadful time change, I am back in full swing here at SP! I got my new syncpoint all synced up to my Spark Activity Tracker and my computer, so I can log my activity. WooHoo! (Oh!  A big shout out to Coach Denise and her help with my tracker issue. She rocks!) I am within my calorie range, I have started walking again and I am gearing up to add strength training and yoga to my activities. I start every morning with my affirmations, visualizations (gearing up for meditations next week), revving myself up for each new day.

Ife is pretty good and I am feeling wonderful! I am by nature an optimistic, find the good in every situation, positive, upbeat human bean. Yes, I lost it for a space of time, but it has been coming back in leaps and bounds. However, I am being sorely tested, on two fronts.

I mentioned my roommate's mother a couple of blogs ago. When she is in a good mood, she is fairly tolerable...but more often than not, she is a bitter, exceptionally negative old woman with a martyr complex. She is ill tempered and yells...a lot. (Yes, I do take in to consideration everything she has gone through and the fact that she is 70) She is a fabulous example of how I do NOT want to age. I pretty much live in my room because of the tension and overt negativity in the house. My roomie does her best to counteract it, but things get pretty tense.  I love my room…my sanctuary, my hideaway…I can stay in here for hours at a time and be at peace. I can shut out the negativity and focus on all the positive in my life. Work on my dreams, listen to my music, get lost in a book, watch what I want on TV, very soon do my yoga and exercising too.

The other problem I am having is with some people at work who do nothing but talk, sing, laugh, and yell across the call center…all of it LOUDLY! They have no respect or consideration for those of us trying to work (and at least 85-90% of our work is on the phone with doctor’s offices, patient’s, insurance companies and in my case, the doctors themselves, who call to speak with my radiologists.)  It is nigh on impossible to concentrate on what needs to be done, let alone hear on the phone. I have brought it up before to my supervisors…not much is done. (And of course when any of the higher ups walk through, the culprits shut up until the higher up is gone.) When not on the phone I have my music on with my headphones. However I can only turn them up so loud or risk hearing loss…and even with them on I hear everything (The group is THAT loud!)

I have nothing against a bit of chatting and socializing…but I don’t want to hear it… Especially all day long! And most particularly when I am on the phone. By the time I am done with my day, I am on sensory overload. At the best of times I don’t do well with noisy crowds of people…I am exceptionally sensitive to high noise levels. Hearing this day in and day out (one person in particular is like nails on a chalkboard and is the loudest and the instigator) leaves me shaken and frazzled at the end of the day. I had to take two walks today on my breaks just to get away from it for a few minutes (on the bright side… Bonus for my exercise minutes! *GRINS*).  I don’t need this stress in my life. I love my job (been there almost 26 years) but I deserve a pleasant work environment…not sure what to do but talk to my boss again.

Another reason I am grateful for my room…when I get home, I close my door and for the most part all is quiet. As I sit here now, all I hear is the breeze rustling the leaves, distant traffic, and the birds singing…it is heavenly. I don’t turn anything on for the longest time…no music, no TV…I luxuriate in the quiet…As a matter of fact, I haven’t had my TV on since Sunday. Pretty cool!
Anyway, these are my tests…how to keep the positive, loving energies surrounding me against all the negative that beats against me from the outside.  There is a reason I am going through all of this, I just hope I survive the lessons! *LOL*

Yep…overall my life is heading in the direction for which I am aiming! HUZZAH! I am pretty much back on track. I just need to learn how to deal with these two speedbumps…I know there are lessons here, I sure hope I learn them soon.

OH! I almost forgot, tomorrow is my Friday! Then I am on vacation…oh I can’t wait. More on that tomorrow night!



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