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Over all it's been a good vacation. Saturday through Monday I was not at home from morn til evening. I saw two great movies and spent quality time in my two favorite parks . My visit to the Goddess Temple was marvelous as usual, although for the first time there were people out there, a group who came out for a week to do some upkeep. It was feel completely free to do what I normally do, knowing there were people close by. They weren't in the way and I know logically they weren't paying any attention to me, but it was still...odd.

I went on a scenic drive up to Mt. Charleston. There was still snow in spots, but there were sporadic signs of Spring. I took the car back on Tuesday morning instead of Tuesday evening. I decided against Fremont Street as I had to dole out money, I had other wise tagged for vacation. It has taken me a couple of days to work through the resentment, but I am better now. Actually it is just as well, I suppose that I didn't run around on Tuesday. Going non stop for three whole days wore me out. Once I got home, I pretty much crashed! I had a ridiculously long nap and still managed to sleep that night.

Yesterday was a quiet day, studying and reading...holed up in my sanctuary. I didn't see any of my house mates all day or evening. It was sublime! I spent this morning organizing my stuff in the garage and now I have more stuff in my room (Stuff I was looking for!) that needs to be organized and put away. Now I am relaxing...watching a "Bones" marathon. The rest of my time off should be relaxing. I am working on goals for my new year...physical, mental and spiritual. I am looking forward to tomorrow, Spring Equinox, Ostara, a Super Moon and solar eclipse. Tomorrow is going to be stupendous!

Time for lunch and some sorting of "stuff." I really want the next 4 days to slow way down.


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