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Today is the first day of my mini vacation. And what a wonderful day it is! It is cold, windy, and rainy outside...I am snuggled up in my favorite sweatpants and very favorite Winnie the Pooh Sweatshirt.

Last night I turned off my alarm and managed to sleep in until 5:00. Considering I am usually up at 2:00, this was something! I have my fairy lights on as well as my salt lamp. I had a lovely breakfast of oatmeal and a mocha latte. I have Yanni playing softly in the background and I am so content, happy, and at peace. Today I rest, relax, explore all my options, meditate, nap and just be. No plans, no agenda, no "must do or should do
. "

I have felt a huge shift coming for several weeks and the fact that it is coinciding with my birthday seems to me, to be more than coincidental. I am so much more the "me" I thought I lost 7 years ago. I am more positive, happy, excited, and determined. Work is going better since the shift began and I am more aware of all the blessings in my life. It feels as if I am in a perpetual state of gratitude and it feels so good! (Note: I have always counted my blessings and tried to live in an attitude of gratitude, but in the past, it was sometimes difficult to keep it on the front burner)

I have felt the need to actually make goals and plans for the coming physically, mentally, and emotionally commit to these goals. I have also noticed that I am not as inclined to spend hours watching TV and I am spending a little less time online as well.

Tomorrow is my New Year's Eve and I am happily looking forward it. Depending on the weather I may go out and about tomorrow (we are expecting rain all day tomorrow as well), if not I will work some more on my goals, plans and dreams, and watch a little TV.(key word "Little." *LOL*)

So my goals in a nutshell:

Devote myself to developing my Spirituality

Obtain a certified copy of my birthday certificate and finally get my passport

Get healthy...I mean Really. Get . Healthy!

Declutter and organize...I need to clear out the stagnant and useless energy of stuff that no longer serves me! Next time I move, I want it to be (relatively) painless


Find a volunteer opportunity that sings to my heart and soul!

I am so excited about this year. This weekend is going to be a fabulous beginning. Once I have put pen to paper and written out my goal and the steps I need to take to fulfil them, Sunday (depending on the rain) or more likely, Monday I will make my yearly birthday visit to the Goddess Temple and dedicate myself to living my life and working towards fulfillment of my goals, so that next year at this time, I can look back with joy and gratitude for the wonderful year I had, however it works out.

In between all this life planning stuff...I think I am going to see the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor, maybe take in a couple of movies and treat myself to a birthday brunch...or maybe dinner at my favorite Irish Pub. Whatever I end up doing, I know this is going to be a magical weekend and I am very much looking forward to what it has in store!
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A LONG prequel note:

September and the first part of October were exceptionally difficult and emotionally draining.

I have big (for me) financial problems (my apartment raised my rent to the point where it takes one whole paycheck and part of the other one in order to make my rent, which makes it difficult to meet my other money needs like food and other bills, not to mention saving money for a car and a house and other fun stuff).

The universe stepped in and one of my workmates (and best friends) who is also going through a rough patch, asked me to move in with her (and her daughter and mom) . This cuts my rent in half and is inclusive of utilities. It felt right and there was this feeling of lightness when I said yes. I was giddy and excited for a couple of weeks, but then reality set in...I would have to break my lease, which could mean a lot of money, and I have to give up my fur baby as Sandy, her mom and daughter are all allergic to cats. Add to this trying to come down with cold/flu/allergies two weeks before my ren faire and I was just an emotional wreck. I had a couple of meltdowns the day I gave notice to the complex, but I was thrilled that the apartment manager was so understanding! The money I will owe is so much less than I feared and they will take payments!

All this and the frantic preparations for faire left me exhausted and sadly somewhat down, even with faire. This was the most difficult, emotionally draining faire in all my years of faire.

Faire was a study in contradictions this year...tears and laughter, expectations and disappointments, sorrow and joy.

It was so very good to see family I haven't seen in a long while, even if we didn't get to spend much time together. Saturday night was a revelation to me and deep bonds were made with my House, which I will never forget!

It was a testing time and we all made it through, hopefully more solid in our foundation and love for one another!


Now it is a simply beautiful morning! Laundry on to wash, dishwasher drying, I now enjoy a quiet moment and cuppa before I jump into the chaotic vortex that is my home.

Years before "Frozen" existed, my mantra was  "Let it go, Let it go, Let it go," sung to  the tune of  "Let it Snow." Of course back then it was to help remind me to let go of hurt feelings, disappointments and petty anger.

Now it is for letting go of all the "stuff" I own that no longer serves me and is cluttering up my space externally and the stress it causes internally. I am in the midst of a major shift in my life, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As I work to draw good changes and things into my life, the Universe seems to be doing everything it can to expedite the changes. Events and circumstances are falling into place so easily, dreams are supporting me with signs and symbols that seem to be validating what is occurring in my life, the old is making way for the new! It is exciting, scary, and breathtaking!

As wonderful as all this is, for me the most exciting aspect of all of this is, is the shift in my spirit. I feel as if I am opening up to a whole new level of being, my spirit is yearning to take flight and I am almost there! I am drawn to new books, new people and new experiences that are supporting me as I spread my wings. It is simply amazing to experience the serendipity and synergy follows me now!

Sorry, long ramble, but it was pushing me to let it out and get in writing so more can come. Simply loving this.

Blowing kisses, sending Zen hugs, wishing you love, peace, serenity, and joy this beautiful Sunday.


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